Books, Boobs and Breathing in New & Old Delhi

[Text by Mayank Austen Soofi; Picture Courtesy: Raymond Lee, Laurent Clere, Wengers Pastry Shop in Delhi]

Sex and Shakespeare
Pressing onto her
I whisper Romeo’s farewell quote:
“One kiss, and I’ll go down”

Monsoon Reading

July morning by a glass window
Rain falling outside
Mansfield Park carelessly opened on my lap

Alone in the Bed
The lamp discreetly hums
The night ages silently
Till I turn a page in Madame Bovary

Rush Hour

We evening commuters
The bus stuck in a red light signal
Just finished Jhumpa Lahiri in the latest New Yorker

Late Night Power Cut

1879 Glasgow published Hamlet, by candle light
Mango peels curled up on the dining table
The guard whistles

Two Timing

Outside the Wenger’s in Connaught Place
Her left arm entwined in my right
My left holds on to Pride and Prejudice

Bonding with Toni Morrison
Bird song at dusk
Purple sky peering from orange clouds
Re-re-re-reading Beloved on a stone bench

Mussalmaans of Dilli

Jumma prayers in the Jama Masjeed
Believers bowing down in no order
I think of Salman Rushdie

‘Celeb’ Sighting

At Book Shop in Khan Market
Browsing for Alice Munro
Arundhati walks by

Sunday afternoon in Daryaganj

Scavenging in a hill of abandoned hardbounds
Sweat dripping off my brow
Comes across The Old Man and The Sea – first edition!