Sex Life in IIT Delhi – Never Been Plucked

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Sex Life in IIT Delhi

Just why India’s brainiest kids don’t make love.

[Text by Zubin Saini; picture by Seema Kumar; the author is an IIT Delhi alumni presently pursuing MBA in IIM Calcutta. His blog is currently re-telling the story of Mahabharat. The photographer has nothing to do with the views expressed here.]

Welcome to IIT Delhi (IITD). Here boys are hungry for sex. Who can blame them? In a ‘good’ batch, the male-female ratio is 8:1; in a typical batch, it is 20:1. Besides, those females who manage to crack the JEE are, in all probability, unlikely to win any beauty awards. Even then the skewed ratio makes them queens. The boys become their slaves or the navel-gazers at Basant Lok’s Priya, or both.

But first, meet the three male types in IITD.

The Stud

Handsome and rich, he is most likely a Delhiwalla. Always believes that beauty*intelligence = constant. He tries his hands at girls from adjoining female colleges (Gargi, LSR). But because of the reputation of IITians (no social manners, sexually frustrated, good at nothing but engineering), the enterprise usually ends in failure. Not surprisingly, he often finds refuge in watching porn. He is not ashamed of it.

The Stud’s Best Friend

He is the quintessential IITian. He too likes watching porn but is ashamed to confess it. A simpleton hailing from a godforsaken mofussil town (Mirzapur, Darbhanga), he regularly goes to Priya and PVR to ogle at girls there. He has simple ambitions and is happy to settle for the female classmate sitting next to him (she might not be beautiful, but she is pretty smart. She will make a good wife.) After countless workshops, assignments, treats and movies together, when he finally mumbles “I think I love you,” the female, not a fool herself, says, “but you know, I don’t think of you that way. You are my best friend”.

The Geek

Smartest kid. He pays attention to books, and only books, in the first year, gets great grades, and consequently catches attention of sexy girls (whatever that means in IITD context), who want him to teach them. He too loves watching porn but avoid boasting about it.

Let’s confess that sex in IITD is pretty common. It helps there are plenty of jhaadis (shrubs) in the campus. Alas, due to reasons mentioned in the begining, the only people who do it happens to be people from outside the campus. But look at exceptions:

A senior of mine (a superstud, if ever there was one) dated only model-types. Each month he changed his girlfriend. Once he was caught having sex with the girlfriend-of-the-month – by a security guard (!)

A batch mate once climbed the roof of a Professor’s house whose daughter was/is/will be the hottest chick in IITD. He spent the night with her (!)

One night a junior was caught naked with his IITian girlfriend in a block – again by a security guard (!)

But as I said, these are rare instances of stumbling into an oasis in an otherwise sandy desert. However, the opening of a booze bar just outside IITD has made it easier for boys and girls to get drunk together. They even plan sex. But plans remain just plans. Deep inside, most of us IITians are conservative, and believe that there must be no sex before marriage. This was true when I joined in 2001, and remained true when I graduated in 2006.