Opinion – What's Wrong with The Delhi Walla?

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Window View - Is That Me?

This blogsite has lost its focus.

[Text by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji; picture by Mayank Austen Soofi]

What has become of The Delhi Walla? Last few weeks, I have had the desire, more than once, to deviate from opening the blog. It has become, simply, drivel.

This is suppose to be THE blog of Delhi and all I seem to be chancing upon is a plethora of articles honouring tombs and shrines and anything “dead”. Why is The Delhi Walla tempting the readers with such vehement torture of lamenting, each week?

The Delhi I have casually but tempestuosly imagined to be (thanks to Raza Rumi’s recent gratifying travelogue of Delhi – a city I have never visited) is suppose to be vibrant, echoing with all kinds of complexities, oddities, colourful events, historical sites– and all I seem to be reading recently is redundant stories on tombs, of no doubt beautiful saints however.

Why not keep the standards on a neutral zone? Why not a melange of various subjects that aspires for a more complete flavour of Delhi. It is utmost crucial for this blogsite to have the semblance of the blog as an “addictive” site, where people like myself, who live in the West, can look forward to spend a few moments literally “living” in Delhi.

It was not too long ago, on a rather bitter-cold November winter night in Toronto, that I discovered The Delhi Walla. The blog gaged a sprightly interest in me – an array of beautifully provocative photo-essays mingled with an equal prowess of the writer’s penship. I had found my sanctity for the cold winter nights, and the fascination to further my interest in Delhi was becoming charmingly obsessive!

Being a visual artist, the Mughul art has always inspired the passion to learn more, and it is in Delhi where one can trace the historical context. Thus it would be an absolute thrill for the raconteur of The Delhi Walla to engage his readership to a higher altitude of the Delhi.

But, of course, this blog has indeed talked about artists I admire. Writers like Arundhati Roy (loved her Power Politics), Sadia Dehlvi, Khushwant Singh are an absolute euphoria to read. Classical Thumri singer and writer, Vidya Rao, is yet another glee to read on. They all can be seen in The Delhi Walla.

But my point is that there is Delhi beyond Arundhati Roy. The city has abundance of writers, performing artists, poets, and political social activists. Delhi is full of temples, masjids, Buddhist art, and so on. Why not capture and document that vast diversity of Delhi?

In order to survive, this blogside must transfuse the energy back to the vein. Regular readers like me do not wish to be greeted by lackadaisical stories of the recent serial. The essence of having a remarkable blog, and naming it The Delhi Walla, should make it obligatory to reflect Delhi in entirety. Next interlude, please.