Society – Rich Girls, Handsome Milkmen

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Rich Girls, Handsome Milkmen

A south Delhi girls runs off with a doodhwaala.

[Text by Mayank Austen Soofi; picture by Sonu Mehta]

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a big car in south Delhi must be in want of a boyfriend with a bigger car in south Delhi.

Early in August, 2008,, turning the rule upside down, a 22-year-old girl, a resident of the posh East of Kailash, ran away with her Mr Darcy. But this boyfriend had no bungalow in Vasant Vihar, no farmhouse in Chattarpur. Instead, he was a doodhwaala!

The handsome milkman was delivering milk to the girl’s house for six months. “She became close to him and they fell in love,” said a police officer who got embroiled in their affair after the runaway couple made some pre-wedding shopping through a family friend’s debit card.

The Delhi Walla decided to check out if this episode has stirred fear in the hearts of south Delhi parents. “I’ll be horrified if God forbid, my daughter runs away with a courier,” says Okhla resident Ms Rakhshanda Jalil, a well-known writer and mother of two young daughters. “While this incident is too sad, I do feel that raising young children in this city is a 24/7 hazard. There are no certainties in life,” she says. “You don’t know how things will turn out.”

However, in this increasingly materialistic age where love comes padded with a fat bank balance, just why would a girl who could have any white-collar executive as her date, fall for a blue-collar boy?

“There are instances when emotional sensibilities overwhelm the socially driven values,” says Dr Gorav Gupta, senior consultant psychiatrist with Apollo hospital, Sarita Vihar. “Sometimes a person’s family circumstances grow messy and she hangs on to anyone who can get her out of that nest.”

“I am definitely getting my milk from Mother Dairy,” says Ms Rama Chaudhary, a resident of Defence Colony. But she is not really scared by milkmen. “The most serious threat to my 21-year-old are the gym instructors. They are suave, articulate, tall and well-built. Their close proximity with my daughter during the workout could possibly turn to an infatuation,” she adds.

Ms Pearl Toppo, a 24-year-old girl who lives with parents in a four-room DDA apartment in Vasant Kunj, confesses having a soft corner for a soft-spoken boy who sits in the reception of her neighborhood gym. “He side-parts his hair, has chocolate looks, grey eyes, and he is not muscular,” says Pearl who doesn’t like muscular guys. “I would love to fall for him but his problem is he can’t speak English.”

“My driver is not fluent in English but he is very hot,” says 20-year-old Ms Priya, owner of a Hyundai Accent who lives in Panchsheel Park. “Being from the hills, he has that tough, chiselled look.” While commuting long distances in the city, Ms Priya sometimes is tempted to get chattier with him. Any chance she may fall in love with the driver? “To be in love, I need to connect with and relate to the person, which is hard to do with a driver.”

Amidst the ‘hot’ drivers and cooks, Ms Jalil reminds you of what goes through parents’ lives if their children resort to such acts. “It’s a personal tragedy for the family.”

Some names have been changed to protect privacy.