Photo Essay – We are the Beauty Queens

The Delhi walla‘s pretension in writing makes me want to lodge a bullet in his balls – Blogger Nimpipi, the woodchuck chucks
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We are the Beauty Queens

They’re lovable and beautiful.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Event: a beauty contest. Time: Morning. Place: FICCI House, Mandi House.

They all were beautiful. They all wanted to win the crown. They came in cars, autos, DTC buses. They were from Delhi, from small towns near Delhi. A few came from as far as Benares.

The first round was a catwalk followed by a short introduction to the judges. The Delhi Walla got their stories there. In their own words (and grammar).

What will happen to me?

We are the Beauty Queens

I’m pursuing my graduation from Delhi University, correspondence course. I have potential. I believe in ambition. I have an ambition to be a fashion designer and smiling is an important part.

I’m in Delhi University, studying in the 2nd year. My hobbies include studying, dancing.

I belong to Banares. I’m working as HR in one of the companies. I’m thankful to sponsors for providing us a platform to add value to myself.

You are in the que

We are the Beauty Queens

I’m 18-year-old and I’m appearing for the 12th standard. I love sports, dancing and my pet. That’s it.

I’m from Muzaffarnagar. There are more middle class people there. I want to prove that small-town people can make it big in Delhi.

I’m born and brought up in Delhi only. I’m a front-desk official in a dietician’s office. I think I have beauty. I have confidence. I’m into music because my father is into music and his dream of becoming a musician has now become my dream.

Yes, we can

We are the Beauty Queens

Good morning to respected judges. Myself from Rajouri Garden. I’m very creative. My hobby is writing poems, writing novels. I think Indian women are sustainers of all the cultures.

I’m contestant number 41. My age is 21. I’m here to achieve my goal. I achieve to be a great model or be a cabin crew.

I’m from Karnal, Haryana. I’m in HCL as software engineer. That was my parents’ dream. I’m now here to complete my dream.

Have attitude, will show it

We are the Beauty Queens

As a person, I’m very soft, caring and I love to dream big. I truly believe in Lord Alfred Tennyson’s saying that “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Thank you.

I aspire to become a prominent video jockey. Main motto of myself – to make parents proud of myself and make them know by my name.

I’m pursuing my graduation from IP University. I’ve done basics in French. I’m lovable. What else?

I have it

We are the Beauty Queens

This is me, standing 5 feet 7 inches. Life is like a ship. It stops at many destinations. My next destination is to become a beauty queen.

My name means ‘God’s meditation’. I was born in Chandigarh. Glamour and fashion has always attracted me.

I’m a beach bum. I’m very exuberant and boisterous. I’m way too much into American television. Oprah is my source of entertainment.

I’ll flaunt it

We are the Beauty Queens

I belong to a Sikh family. My hobbies are dancing, cooking and traveling to exotic locations.

A very good afternoon to judges. I hail from south Delhi. I’m here because I want to present my country to the world at the international level.

I belong from a Punjabi family. I’m a final year computer science student. I love to watch myself in the mirror.

Will the crown come to me?

We are the Beauty Queens

I’m a 2nd year student in Political Science (Hons) in Delhi University which is the best university in the world. I’m a very good basketball player. I love to do shopping. That is all about me.

Myself is Kiran. I belongs to Delhi. I also belongs to a Sikh family. My ambition in life is to become a TV newsreader.

I’m 22 years of age, standing 5 feet, 8 inches tall. I love cooking. Like most of the girls here, I also dream of being the One.

Ready to conquer the world

We are the Beauty Queens

I belong to Faridabad, a small city. I’m a multi-talented girl. I want to make a difference in this world.

I’m blessed with a beautiful name. Very pure conscience I have. I have kept my Indian image intact.

‘m a student in Delhi University. I love shopping, talking on phone, net surfing.

My moment

We are the Beauty Queens

Actually my parents initially did not approve of this competition. While they are my biggest friends on the earth, I will just live life on my own terms.

I’m from a Punjabi family. I’m a complete, completely funny person. I’m a complete movie buff. Trust me.

I’m using this platform to tell people that yes, I exist.

Good luck, girls

We are the Beauty Queens