City Notice – The Delhi Walla is Now a Website

At Work?

It’s no longer a blog.

[Text and picture by Mayank Austen Soofi]

The Delhi Walla is no longer a blog but a website with its own domain, Please congratulate… Thank you.
You don’t like the new look? Blame my friend Gaurav Sood. He purchased the domain name and he designed this site. A few years ago he had insisted me to start blogging.
You wonder why a website? What was wrong with the blog?
I’m not taking myself seriously. I will still do the usual stuff: walking the pavements, eating the street food, reading in the gardens, hanging out in the ruins, dozing off in the dargahs, making friends in the red light district and watching rich people in Khan Market. 
The point is to make the content more accessible. This is not a news site. If I write on, say, Kinari Bazaar’s Jain temple or Delite Cinema’s giant samosa, it must never get outdated like yesterday’s breaking news. However, such a piece gets buried under the ‘latest posts’ in an ordinary blog layout. Then it is difficult to unearth it. Things are different in the new site. Look to the top right of your screen. You’ll see a list of sections. If you are into food porn, click on ‘food’. If you find monuments boring, never click on ‘monuments’. The content is designed to your need. 
Another reason why I opted for an exclusive domain is to be taken… in a certain way, seriously. I’m here to stay, to explore the whole Delhi for myself and for you. You must help me. You must donate money so that I can spend more of my working hours on mapping this city for you. Gauarv has installed a PayPal button somewhere in the right bar for this purpose. It will be activated soon. While my friend will continue to tweak in the design in the coming weeks, I will bring the old content in sync with the new look’s layout. Barring a few glitches (dead links etc.) that will soon be taken care of, it is hoped you will enjoy browsing The Delhi Walla.