Photo Essay - The Good Autowallas, Around Town

Photo Essay – The Good Autowallas, Around Town

The Auto Walla

The necessary people.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

With the minimum fare for autos increasing from Rs 10 to Rs 19, Delhi hopes that autowallas will finally agree to stick to the law. Their unwillingness to charge by the meter is the sole reason why the bhaiyyas are widely despised. Otherwise, they are polite, friendly and sometimes, plain fun. Once, while going from Connaught Place to Anand Vihar, the auto The Delhi Walla was in had no radio. On expressing boredom, the driver offered his mobile and earphones. The rest of the journey was spent listening to the live commentary of a cricket match. That is just one instance of their general niceness. In the summers, many even offer passengers water when they stop at roadside water-carts. Who does that in today’s age?

Loving God, respecting customers

Goodmorning God

The portrait of the autowalla as an honest man

Auto Walla Bhayya

Running by the meter

Auto Look

Friendly and smiling

Adult Scene

Pride in the auto, pride in the moustache


Like my uncle

Hello Kitties

His driving is as cool as his ponytail

Spot the Tail!

He too is honest

He's Honest!

Taking a break


Gearing up

Somewhere in Delhi

All smiles

Girlfriend is Watching

The bhaiyya and his sawari (customer)

Somewhere in Delhi

Anxious for his Titanic

This Titanic Will Never Sink

See, so cool

Look at my Tatoo!

Big City Loneliness

Big City Loneliness

After the hard day’s work

Hard Day's Work

Lovable, kissable

Kiss the Lips

Somebody’s dad


United colours of Delhi

United Colours of Delhi

Catching up with blood and blasts

Newspapers Are Dead?

Straight ahead


Honest men


Chaloge, bhaiyya

The Auto Walla

May God be with you

Lucky No. 786