City Monument - Adam Khan's Tomb, Mehrauli

City Monument – Adam Khan’s Tomb, Mehrauli


You’ll get lost here.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

On a hilly mound, this structure is more than just the ruined tomb of Adam Khan, a scheming foster-brother of Akbar whom the Mughal Emperor punished by having him hurled repeatedly from a parapet until he died.

The octagonal monument, circa 1562, is also known as Bhool Bhullaiya, or a place where one may get lost, since its thick walls enclose a maze of passageways. It looks onto a bazaar and a bus terminal, the parts of the historic district of Mehrauli that seems least historic.

Walk up to the tomb to find yourself amid the quiet charms of Indian life. Grannies pick their noses on the stairs; jobless boys snooze against the pillars; old men talk politics atop the boundary wall, stray dogs prowl in the corridor and the homeless enjoy their siesta hour. There is also a view of the Qutub Minar.

Bhool Bhullaya, made of grey sandstone and rubble masonry, is one of the few Akbar-era monuments in Delhi. The dome is crowned by a red sandstone finial. The circular verandah has three arches on each of its eight sides, and eight arched entrances opens into the dark chamber.

Adam Khan lies in the centre, his grave absurdly narrow.

It is said that his mother was also buried here, but her tomb is missing.

Where Opposite Mehrauli Bus Stand Nearest Metro Station Qutub Minar Time
Sunrise to sunset

From the road


Front view


Wired look


Aunty, don’t pick


What are you watching?


Watching the chaos


Qutub views



Inside the tomb


The world outside


A city getaway