City Relationships – INFIDELITIES @ The Delhi Walla

City Relationships – INFIDELITIES @ The Delhi Walla

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Make your life smart and sexy.

Are you bright? Have you got lots of depth? Do you hope to read Marcel Proust one day? Do you jog? Do you have Ghalib and Shakespeare? Do you have a kind heart? Can you hold people in political, philosophical, and spiritual issues? Do you love walking? Do you engage with beggars at traffic lights? Does your cultural exposure of India go beyond the Madhubani artworks of Dilli Haat? Are you into cloud watching? Do you like Khan Market? Are you sensitive to architecture? Have you ever flipped through The New York Review of Books? Do you earn well? Can you understand – or will you like to learn – at least one Indian language? Have you seen Satayajit Ray films? Do you find Delhi interesting? Are you provocative in bed?


Are you seeking someone as sophisticated as you?

Sex is the great leveler, taste is the great divider. But the two can meet. INFIDELITIES, The Delhi Walla‘s dating service, serves those Delhiwallas seeking alternative relationship experiences.

Age is no bar.
Widowhood is freedom.
Divorce is always good.
In relationship? Doesn’t matter.
Sexual orientation? Your business.
Already married? No problem.

INFIDELITIES will take you off from the world of online search and seedy newspaper classifieds and help you set links with stylish, naughty, optimistic, creative, financially independent people who can make your life more intelligent and sexy.

E-mail a well-written ad to; subject: INFIDELITIES. In not more than 400 words, tell us about yourself and what sort of spirited fellow you are looking for (eg: you want somebody with attachment to this novelist, that filmmaker, etc). The ad will be put up on The Delhi Walla. Your e-mail and your true identity will remain discreet. The interested people would e-mail feelers to INFIDELITIES, which would be forwarded to you.

Note: You will have to send your daytime phone number. This is to discourage non-serious people from wasting our time; your number will be treated as a state secret.

Wishing you a successful, long-term relationship.