INFIDELITIES@The Delhi Walla – A Cynical Opinionated 'Gora' Seeks a Poet-Female of Any Age and Complexion

INFIDELITIES@The Delhi Walla – A Cynical Opinionated ‘Gora’ Seeks a Poet-Female of Any Age and Complexion

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Me- 30. Male. White. Not wheatish or fair. I mean white, Anglo American, Gora, Angrej. (Is this offensive yet?) Married. (Now?) To an Indian. (It must be offensive by now.) Soon to be divorced (OMG!)

I’m a reader though maybe not to be considered well-read. Cynical. Opinionated. A recent fondness for Iranian cinema has been stirred within me and I’m trying to see every Majid Majidi film. Other hobbies include deep thinking, long intelligent conversations about anything. Picking apart the world. Not believing in much. Pseudo philosophy. Making electronic music and listening to music has been my inner oasis. Tea is my drug of choice.

Everyone in the US is rich enough so I have no care for money. If my dream of moving to Delhi ever becomes a reality I may soon measure currency with a different scale. I seek a true friend, female please. A compatible partner. Be it a pen pal or a lover. Someone to share my more secret thoughts with.

You – Any age, complexion, marital status etc. A thinker. Someone who can hold a conversation. Someone who has self respect and confidence but doesn’t suffer from that ugly thing we call pride. A book reader. Not easily offended by passionate and opinionated talks. A seeker like me. Looking for the answers that can’t be answered. A lover. A creator. An artist. Someone with depth and powerful insights about my nature as well as her own. Somebody who is always trying to evolve. Someone to create with. Someone to sing on my strange beats. Someone who would show me her poetry and desire my feedback. Someone with an opinion. A pen pal or a friend to hang out and drink tea and chat with about life when I visit Delhi would be awesome. More would be um, more awesome?

Interested in this man? Send a mail to, and it will be forwarded to him. Confidentiality guaranteed.

E-mail a well-written ad to; subject: INFIDELITIES. In not more than 400 words, tell us about yourself and what sort of spirited fellow you are looking for (eg: you want somebody with attachment to this novelist, that filmmaker, etc). The ad will be put up on The Delhi Walla. Your e-mail and your true identity will remain discreet. The interested people would e-mail feelers to INFIDELITIES, which would be forwarded to you.