City Series – Delhi’s Bandaged Heart, Around Town

City Series – Delhi’s Bandaged Heart, Around Town

Big City Loneliness

Poetry in the city.

[Text and photo by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Are you a poet?

Do you secretly compose poems?


Can I meet you?

The Delhi Walla is starting a series called ‘Delhi’s Bandaged Heart’. The purpose is to search for our city’s lyrical soul.

I hope you will be kind enough to share one of your poems with me – and if it is not in English, you will please help me translate it.

Your poem can have five lines, or ten lines. The length is of no consequence.

Your poem can be as moving as Mir’s verses, or not. Critics aren’t invited.

Your poems might never have been published. It does not matter.

Just meet me.

Please contact me at

Meet the poets

1. Ekta Talwar at The Book Shop

2. Jaideep Warya on the Ring Road

3. Chandni Singh in Reading, UK

4. Job at BKS Marg Subway

5. The Delhi Walla at the Munirika Bus Stop

6. Manika Dhama in Connaught Place

7. Anna Akhmatova outside Tihar Jail

8. Shahwar Kibria in South Extension-I Market