City List – Delhi Blogs, Alive & Dead

City List – Delhi Blogs, Alive & Dead

City List – Delhi Blogs, Alive & Dead

Delhi by list.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

The multicultural megapolis Delhi should have dozens of hyper-local blogs exclusively dedicated to its distinct neighborhoods, peoples, monuments, cuisines and lifestyles. One day the city might get all those blogs.

In the second of the City List series, The Delhi Walla gives you names and addresses of blogs that focus on the capital. Some of these are no longer uploaded but they make for an interesting read. The list will continue to be updated.

1. A Date With Delhi

2. Akanksha Redhu

2a. Compulsive Confessions

3. Confessionz of a Closet

3a. Cookaroo

4. Delhi Bound

4a. Delhi Events

5. Delhi Expat Club

6. Delhi Foodies’ Zone

7. Delhi Heritage Walks

8. Delhi Heritage Walks with Sohail Hashmi

9. Delhi Street Food

10. Delhi Wonders

11. Eat and Dust

12. Eating Out in Delhi

13. Little Black Book Delhi

14. Love Struck Cow

15. Our Delhi Struggle

16. Sarson ke Khet

17. The Delhi Fashion Blogger

18. Our Delhi Times

18. When You Live in Delhi

19. So Delhi

20. Delhi Magic

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City List – Delhi Blogs, Alive & Dead