City Culture – Rules for Ayahs, The Delhi Golf Club

City Culture – Rules for Ayahs, The Delhi Golf Club

Servant Class

On lesser human beings.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

The Delhi Walla is not a member of The Delhi Golf Club. Thank God. The 220-acre course of green grass and Lodhi-era tombs mirrors the perverse side of this city. One of the Club Rules cited on its official website says:

Members Domestic Employees (MDE)such as ayahs, drivers, attendants etc. while they are in the club premises shall be subject to and shall obey, the lawful orders given to them by the Captain, Secretary or any Office bearer or authorised officer of the Club and it shall be the duty of members to instruct MDE accordingly. MDE are not permitted in the Club House, Lounges, Annexe, Golf Course etc. Ayahs are only allowed to sit in the demarcated area near the swings. In case member wishes to give her food, member has to pick the food from the counter and only then, can be given to Ayahs. Ayahs are not allowed to pick up food from the Counter. Ayahs accompanying members and their children in the Swimming Pool area can sit on the bench in front of the Tomb. Ayahs are not expected to use any other area and not allowed inside the Change Room. Ayahs during non-winter months can use demarcated area to sit in the tiled area in the front lawn.

The summer-time concession in the final sentence is touching – thank you, Mr Golfer(!)

The club, a municipal course in the early 1930s that became a corporate entity in 1950, is one of the many such institutions in this city. The Gymkhana Club is similarly kind towards the Servant Class (Latin symbol: MDE). Indeed, a significant section of Delhiwallas derive their sense of entitlement – it’s just their credit cards, they posses nothing substantial to be snobbish about – by creating little apartheid dictatorships for themselves. The city, despite its big size, is very small.

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