City List - Old Gates, Walled City

City List – Old Gates, Walled City

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[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

The Mughal-era Walled City of Shahjahanabad, or Old Delhi, had 14 gateways, out of which two were raised in the Red Fort. The fort was commissioned by Emperor Shahjahan in 1638; the city’s construction was started ten years later. The length of the city’s wall was 5.5 miles; today it survives only in fragments. Here is a list of the gateways as they stood in the Mughal capital hundreds of years ago; most of them have disappeared with time.

1. Calcutta Gate to the north-east

2. Nigambodh Gate to the north-east

3. Kashmere Gate to the north

4. Mori Gate to the north

5. Kabuli Gate to the west

6. Lahori Gate to the west

7. Farash Khana Gate to the south-west

8. Ajmeri Gate to the south-west

9. Turkman Gate to the south

10. Dehli Gate to the south

11. Khyrati Gate to the east

12. Rajghat Gate to the east

13. Lahori Gate, Red Fort

14. Dehli Gate, Red Fort

Source: Archaeological Survey of India. Four Reports Made During the Years 1862-63-64-65, by Alexander Cunningham


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