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City List – Expletives, Around Town

Delhi by list.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

May God help you if you dare to walk on Delhi’s streets without earphones. Your auditory canal will be assaulted by expletives, or gaalis. The Delhi Walla is making a list of all those Hindustani terms that are used by Delhiites to publicly abuse each other — out of spite as well as out of friendly camaraderie. These words and phrases lay bare our innermost fears and nightmares, our values and beliefs; they also expose our understanding of sexualities. The compilation is a work in progress.

1. Maderchodh
You have intercourse with your mother

2. Bhenchodh
You have intercourse with your sister

3. Kaminey
You are mean

4. Bhen ka Laura
You are the male reproductive organ of your sister

5. Bhosri Ke
You are of the vagina

6. Bhandwa
You are a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking a percentage of their earnings in return

7. Randi
You are a woman who engages in sexual activity for payment

8. Haraami
You were born of parents not married to each other

9. Chakka
You are neither a man, nor a woman; you have no defined sexuality

10. Kutte
You are the male of an animal of the dog family

11. Saala
I sleep with your sister

12. Chutiyan
You were born out of the vagina

13. Gandu
You were born out of the anus

14. Teri maa ki chut
Your mother’s vagina

15. Gandmare
You penetrate through the rear

16. Ullu ka pattha
You are son of an owl

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4 thoughts on “City List – Expletives, Around Town

  1. yes, your posts do get weirder with time, Mayank. I will now try to offer some advice so that your readers may learn to curse in a grammatically correct manner.

    I think you should remove the letter H from ‘chodh'( no one calls it ch-o-dh, it is pronounced ch-o-d).

    No.6 should be Bhadwe/ Bharwe

    No.12 should be Chutiya( no need for the letter N)

    No. 13 Gandu = Sodomite. This one has a bit of history behind it. Upon discovering that Adham Khan had killed his atgah ( foster-father), Akbar yelled “Gandu, why did you kill our Atgah?!” before having him thrown from the ramparts of the Agra fort.

  2. Lol… would be sone pe suhaga if you could try to unearth the history behind these gaalis. And I agree with “Brown” that this should have been a video post. hehehehee..

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