City List - Walla Blogs/Sites, Inspired from The Delhi Walla

City List – Walla Blogs/Sites, Inspired from The Delhi Walla

From Kashmir to Karachi.

[Text and photo by Mayank Austen Soofi]

The Delhi Walla started his blog/website in 2007. The aim was (and remains) to understand this city through its people, places, buildings, cuisines, seasons, and many other such aspects. The point is also to capture the changes we all Delhiwallas have to constantly deal with in our private and public worlds. And the hope is that nothing on the pages of this website gets outdated — a hundred years from now, the writings and the photographs on should show a precious world that has been lost.

Meanwhile, a few other interesting walla blogs/websites have come up in places other than Delhi. Of course, those web addresses got the idea from this website, though their founders are shy to acknowledge it.

Here is a list of the wallas that originated from The Delhi Walla. But first, the warning: beware of clones, The Delhi Walla has no branches.

1. Bombwaywalla
Knowing city structures

2. Mumbaiwalla
News. Views. Celebrities.

3. The Kashmir Walla
A magazine of arts, politics, society

4. The Karachi Walla
[No description given]

The Delhi Walla has no branches (Photo taken in Miranda House College by Rajesh Thakur)