Our Self-Written Obituaries –  Jasbir Chatterjee, Vikaspuri

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Jasbir Chatterjee, Vikaspuri

The third death.

[By Jasbir Chatterjee]

Jasbir Chatterjee, a writer of poems and stories, living in the disguise of a corporate professional, died on 3 March ____ , one day before her ___ birthday. She died in her sleep due to asthma.

She was born in a Google-less era, when less imaginative girls often uprooted flowers from newspaper obituaries for their embroidery designs. Being shy, she never quite felt comfortable talking about her works. It made her feel “denuded.” Thanks to the Internet, however, her talent was discovered as in a fairy tale and her poems such as ‘The Delhi Metro’ and stories like ‘The Metamorphosis’ found their way into several international publications.

Ms Chatterjee was a voracious reader. Her favorite poem was Maya Angelou’s ‘The Phenomenal Woman’. One of the books she found most inspiring was Gandhi’s My Experiments with Truth. Her poem ‘Gandhi Versus Godse’ was born out of anguish caused by attempts of some ultra-national historians to paint Gandhi as a demagogue and a sex maniac and Godse, his assassin, as a true patriot.

Ms Chatterjee is fondly remembered by a married daughter, Suroshri, and a teenage granddaughter, Soraiya, who shows great promise of living up to the singing reputation of her namesake.

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