Our Self-Written Obituaries – Ratan Kaul, Greater Kailash II

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Ratan Kaul, Greater Kailash II

The fifth death.

[Text by Ratan Kaul; photo by Unknown]

The party is over. Ratan Kaul is finally asleep.

A society hostess famous for her collection of milk-white pearl necklaces, Ms Kaul died due to an overdose of partying. Though she had a fairly spotless reputation, she majorly over-drugged on life — according to socialites close to her. Ms Kaul lived it queen-size and on her own terms. Be it people, places or things, she was on a perpetual high on all of them.

Ms Kaul was equally at ease in the High Tea conclaves of Lutyens’ Delhi as she was in the samosa stalls of Govindpuri slums. Her infectious laughter touched the lives of many, or so she believed. “Her legion of friends will always remember her, so will her foes,” says a gossip columnist.

Always seen in silk saris or Fab India suits, the glorious Ms Kaul presided over many cultural soirees in the capital. Of course, she was routinely splashed the morning after on the city’s unjustly maligned Page 3 columns.

The only thing Ms Kaul demanded from her wide circle of friends and associates were uncompromising loyalty and respect, which she reciprocated in equal measure. Delhi’s drawing rooms will feel her absence.

Ms Kaul’s first name translates to ‘jewel’ in Sanskrit. Today, indeed, she must be shining like a crazy diamond in the sky. You just have to look up to find her – but at night when the party is on.

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