City Walk - Galli Chooriwallan, Near Chawri Bazaar

City Walk – Galli Chooriwallan, Near Chawri Bazaar

It’s a dream.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

There is an extraordinary street in Old Delhi. Its entrance offers a most dream-like prospect.

You must step into Galli Chooriwallan from Chawri Bazaar. The turning transports the stroller into a sublime country. There are old buildings built of lakhori bricks; the lane is flanked on its right by a well-preserved 19th century haveli.

The street itself goes a long way and ends at Matia Mahal Bazaar. It is made up of a variety of stenches and sights typical of the Walled City. However, it is the opening stretch that is poetry. You may walk down this short distance in two minutes but the feeling the brief walk evokes is extremely intense.

Looking at the old-fashioned wooden doors and window jaalis, it seems impossible that the earlier times have passed away. Overhanging balconies are held in position by elaborately carved brackets.

In the morning, the sun’s rays fill up the street with a gold tone and the whole place looks like an illuminated museum object.

Throughout the day, the people of the Walled City walk through the street seemingly undistracted by its beauty. A vendor of marigold garlands sits at the entrance; he shares this space with an elderly pavement tailor who comes daily with his Singer sewing machine. At night, the street lamps glow dimly. The darkness is soothing. You feel as if you are walking in your sleep.

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