Our Self-Written Obituaries – Sanmukh Rao Kuppannagari, Los Angeles

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Sanmukh Rao Kuppannagari, Los Angeles

The 54th death.

[Text by Sanmukh Rao Kuppannagari; photo by Vishnu Vardhan]

Sanmukh Rao Kuppannagari, better known by his Twitter handle @sraok, is the first person to legally die today on 1st April, 2120, since death was outlawed on 1st January, 2100, to mark the dawn of the new century, 15 years after the DNA Reconstruction Technology was perfected in 2085.

A strong contributor and perpetrator of the technology, Mr Kuppannagari always had his reservations against what it could turn into, but he held them to himself due to its power to provide liberation. However, since the early 2090s, he became vocal about his concerns and for the next 30 years he waged a passionate war against outlawing death. His efforts finally paid off on the midnight of 31st March, 2120, when the law was repealed. Soon after, he drank poisoned wine to celebrate his victory.

Mr Kuppannagari argued that death was as fundamental as life, and that it was the ephemeral nature of human life that allowed a person to achieve greatness, without which the civilisation would fall apart.

Now that he is dead and the law repealed, it is hoped that his followers will spread awareness about his ideas and convince more and more people to stop the misuse of the technology to cheat death.

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