Our Self-Written Obituaries – Shafina Segon, Dwarka

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Shafina Segon, Dwarka

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Shafina Segon, Dwarka

The 69th death.

[Text by Shafina Segon; photo by Seema Ansari]

As she sat in her meditative pose, Shafina Segon knew this was it. She felt her entire life passing through her eyes. The people who came into her life to make it more beautiful, hurt her, love her, extend a hand of friendship and help in times of need. She also remembered all those she had loved – passionately, without any expectations. Those were the ones she blessed first – for they had taught her a very valuable lesson about life: Nothing in life is ever permanent and it is the time between life and death that we need to cross. It’s on us to decide whether we want to do it happily or unhappily.

Her thoughts went to her beautiful daughter. She was happy that she had found a family at last. She blessed her daughter’s sons and daughters, and cross-checked all that she needed to bequeath to her. It had all been arranged in time. Shruti will never need to be worried about her future again.

Ms Segon often dreamed of going on a long journey that took her to may unusual places. She strongly believed in occult sciences and always thought that there was a world beyond our own that kept the cycle of karma running. Her friends called her Geet from the movie Jab We Met because she had an indomitable spirit and always picked up the wrong people to love.

In her mind, she played her last dance – happy, like a little girl, she danced in the rain squeaking with delight while white pearls of water fell on her face. She turned back and looked at life one last time while dancing and then there was silence.

Ms Segon was a renowned social worker and theatre artist. She is survived by her daughter, who runs her own pharmaceutical business in Europe.

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