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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Chaitanya Carlos Kaushik, Delhi High Court

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Chaitanya Carlos Kaushik, Delhi High Court

The 75th death.

[Text by Chaitanya Carlos Kaushik; photo by Tribikran Meelee]

Chaitanya Carlos Kaushik, 26, died. The end came at two in the afternoon as he stood in the lobby of the Delhi High Court. Mr Kaushik was seen standing on one leg (actually the other was too tired of the floor); and his one arm was lifted high in the air, presumably that was a gesture dramatizing his thoughts to a group of people dressed in black gowns. It was then that suddenly something lighter than air entered his heart, and he fell flat, right there, on the floor.

Mr Kaushik always wanted to disappear, to leave people shocked; this was his vanishing act, and it was perfectly executed. He wanted friends to remember him as a comedian and a poet with too much pain in his heart. Would they ever know that this comedian had put his life on the line battling the addiction of cracking jokes?

Now, this man is on his way to a new land, without his suitcase filled with movies, books and Hawaiian shirts.

However, Mr Kaushik did make that suitcase-filled trip to Europe. He went for the opera in Vienna, drank beer in Hungary, brought vintage art and antiques in Riquewihr, and lived in Prague, or maybe Paris, for five months as a poet/writer. He also traveled along the Mississippi and jammed with B.B King. Later, B.B King recorded a song “The blues are all the same”.

Yet, there was this space in his heart where something was always missing, always empty, and he hoped to fill that.

Mr Kaushik left a message for all the women he thought he loved. That he would find a way to contact them.

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