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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Jayshree Shukla, Priyadarshini Vihar

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Jayshree Shukla, Somewhere in South Delhi

The 77th death.

[Text and Selfie by Jayshree Shukla]

What can I say about a 47 year old girl who died? That she loved Ghalib, Faiz and me? Don’t remind me. I know that is a lift from Love Story. But so what? Ours was a love story. The thing about Jayshree Shukla was that she loved easily. And cried easily. And was a complete sentimental fool. But she was steadfast. Once she made up her mind to love you, she just did.

Ms Shukla would be happy she died peacefully in her sleep. But she will be checking her Facebook account to see who posted on the news of her death. So try not to RIP endlessly on the thread. She would be happier to rest in peace.

I would love to say she loved me the most in this world. But Delhi was a close competitor. She was a true Dilliwalla who could never be anywhere else. I am sure she will haunt the city as a djinn now.

Her obsession with clicking the Lodhi Garden has left a huge legacy of photographs. Might I see her again in one of the tombs that dot Lodhi? Clicking to get that one last shot?

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