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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Shibani Bedi, Kailash Colony

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Shibani Bedi, Kailash Colony

The 85th death.

[Text by Shibani Bedi; photo by Sonam Sharma]

Here lies Shibani Bedi, sprawled between her achievements and regrets. Her most common refrain was: “I feel like a life less lived, lost in the universe, trapped in non-conformist conformity.” Perhaps the most unoriginal quip in the universe of all quips.

Running against time, with aspirations mostly dwelling on the impractical, Ms Bedi, in her last days, lost herself to her universe within, so much so that the distinction between the real and the unreal gave the word ‘blurry’ a complex, the inferior kind in her case.

She was known for talking to herself while walking with her Classic Mild in abandoned old streets late in the night.

Miss Bedi was a good soul, loud and expressive, not very genteel, but she was a master of pretence. A failed actor and a miserable romantic, she died lonely and scruffy, feeling glad for not having spawned versions of herself to pass on to her progenies her own insecurities and quirks. Though she did express this one concern before she breathed her last: “I don’t think anyone will ever miss me. Maybe I should have invested in a pet.”

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