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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Elizabeth Varkey, East Delhi

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Elizabeth Varkey, East Delhi

The 101st death.

[Text by Elizabeth Varkey; photo by Hannah V. Nazareth]

Elizabeth Varkey, daughter of Shri K.C. Varkeyachan breathed her last on a lovely, rainy afternoon like this, fit for jalebis and samosas and tea.

But she had begun to dread tea-time and all the edible and emotional paraphernalia that accompanied it.

Ms Varkey was a sucker for words and the profundity of a certain combination had ensnared her. She was meditating upon those words as she drank her umpteenth cup. Unfortunately she choked upon those words and died.

She was discovered in her East Delhi flat, propped over the dining table with tea stains all over her lifeless form.

An uneventful death. No occasion for great speeches. Only the burden of a burial she couldn’t even begin to pay for.

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