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City Notice – An Apology From The Delhi Walla

City Notice - An Apology from The Delhi Walla


[Text by Mayank Austen Soofi; photo by Aanchal Malhotra]

This is an apology to the readers of The Delhi Walla.

So, here it is: Sorry, friends.

I wish to make an honest talk. Please hear me.

Friends, I like writing and photography because I live during these moments. I’m also very passionate about my website, The Delhi Walla ( Through it, I feel, I’m creating something about a city, a place in time, that might, after a few decades, become a window to a lost world. It could be my illusion, of course, but I wanted to share this perception with you.

To be sure, this is not a solitary journey because each of my stories and each of my photographs contains the imprint of at least one living soul.

Even so, down the years, a beautiful thing happened to what I’m building–one story at a time. There are people in this world, strangers to me, who show interest in what I do. This is an unexpected gift. I’m deeply grateful.

Therefore, I seek your apology for the month-long malfunction of my website. It gave way because it could no longer support its archive of thousands of photographs and articles. The website now needs to make a move from a shared server to a dedicated server. It’s a little expensive. I’m saving money. Meanwhile, the website has been temporarily moved to another shared server where, hopefully, it will stay without producing another crisis. I hope to find it a stable server soon.

Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for keeping my work alive.

23 thoughts on “City Notice – An Apology From The Delhi Walla

  1. Your pictures and stories are such a delight to see and read. I guess we as an audience can bear with a little wear and tear, considering we know what it has in store for us. But since you’ve rendered an apology, I’m morally obliged to forgive you (though I’ve no clue for what). Please keep the good work going. It’s a breath of fresh air in this strife-ridden world.

    Much love and hugs,

  2. I am a recent and occassional reader, happy to chip in with some money to suppport your wonderful work

  3. Hectic office hours, a quick cup of ginger tea while I browse through your stories. A virtual space that I look out to every day. Sufi, keep writing. You are indeed the collective soul of Dilli..

  4. We missed you DelhiWalla, every morning whech I looked for a new post. Keep Writing Delhiwalla.
    We would also love to contribute to it, please add a donation button 🙂 thanks for coming back!!

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