City Notice - An Apology From The Delhi Walla

City Notice – An Apology From The Delhi Walla

City Notice - An Apology from The Delhi Walla


[Text by Mayank Austen Soofi; photo by Aanchal Malhotra]

This is an apology to the readers of The Delhi Walla.

So, here it is: Sorry, friends.

I wish to make an honest talk. Please hear me.

Friends, I like writing and photography because I live during these moments. I’m also very passionate about my website, The Delhi Walla ( Through it, I feel, I’m creating something about a city, a place in time, that might, after a few decades, become a window to a lost world. It could be my illusion, of course, but I wanted to share this perception with you.

To be sure, this is not a solitary journey because each of my stories and each of my photographs contains the imprint of at least one living soul.

Even so, down the years, a beautiful thing happened to what I’m building–one story at a time. There are people in this world, strangers to me, who show interest in what I do. This is an unexpected gift. I’m deeply grateful.

Therefore, I seek your apology for the month-long malfunction of my website. It gave way because it could no longer support its archive of thousands of photographs and articles. The website now needs to make a move from a shared server to a dedicated server. It’s a little expensive. I’m saving money. Meanwhile, the website has been temporarily moved to another shared server where, hopefully, it will stay without producing another crisis. I hope to find it a stable server soon.

Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for keeping my work alive.