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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Ryan Frantz, Bangalore

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Ryan, Bangalore

The 110th death.

[Text by Ryan; photo by Ryan Figueiredo]

It was an overcast morning in February in Delhi. And, ignoring all dictates of common sense (and several well publicised research reports), Ryan Frantz pulled out his mobile to reply a text message on his phone while walking furiously on Africa Avenue towards Deer Park. A few seconds later, he died from a high-impact collision with a lamppost.

Standing at 6 feet, 4 inches, it was cruel irony that one of Mr Frantz’s nicknames happened to be ‘Lamppost’.

Delhi Police have issued a traffic advisory on avoiding Africa Avenue and have suggested alternate travel routes. The road has been sealed off after the news of the incident went viral and attracted flower-bouquet-placing and candle-burning mourners.

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