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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Mugdha Ahluwalia, Mansarovar Park, Delhi

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Mugdha Ahluwalia, Mansarovar Park, Delhi

The 112th death.

[Text by Mugdha Ahluwalia; photo by Kulbir Ahluwalia]

She was an engineer by studying, an MBA by studying more, and a skilled Human Resource professional for an MNC by placement. More importantly she was a poet by birth without any published material. She was also a self-acclaimed habitual writer, truly a teller of various tales, an ardent talker and a avid reader (to show off). In addition, she was thoughtfully philosophical in reality and she was spicily sarcastic. She was also an obsessive mobile phone photographer, a dedicated movie watcher, an optimistic dreamer, and a futurist thinker. She was never a tourist, always a traveler.

Mugdha Ahluwalia had always wondered what brought night? Did the dreams call it or the demons?

She believed it were the dreams that summoned the night.

Today, the dreamer took her last breath and went to sleep. Her grandfather always said night is death–“You go to sleep and sleep is death.” He hardly saw any dream during nights. But she believed in every kg of the dream which made her heart heavy in the morning. Sometimes a biscuit would appear to her like a dream and that made her smile throughout the day.

She lived a long life of 84 and died while she was awake. The cause of death was reported in media as “not dreaming.”

All her life when she was living on the edge or simply cooking her favorite dish, Sorsebata ilish mach, Ms Ahluwalia was parallel to the dream universe that led to many superior experiences in her life. One fateful moment, however, her eyes were awake consciously and hence her soul left the body.

The queen of unconscious is survived by 18 grandchildren and 6 cats.

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