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Our Self-Written Obituaries – Neha Taneja, Pusa Road

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Neha Taneja, Pusa Road

The 129th death.

[Text by Neha Taneja; photo by Amit Taneja]

It was raining hard. The earth was red and the air was filled with the fragrance of the wet soil. This was Neha Taneja’s last trip to the hills of North Bengal. She was with her most dear friends.

Later in the day Ms Taneja’s ashes were dispersed in these cloud-kissing hills. While listening to John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’, her soul rose to the sky to fathom its depth.

Ms Taneja had specified the details of her farewell a decade ago in a will that she had handed over to her friend Diwash. He was instructed to read it only after her death. As part of that same will, all the artworks and books that Ms Taneja had gathered over the years have been divided equally among her husband, Amit, her son, Krishnav, and her friends Diwash, Alok, Khushi, Sheenu and Raju.

Ms Taneja was not great in academics but managed to become a geography teacher in a school where she inspired students to reach greater heights. She also wrote a few books on this subject that became a part of the school syllabus.

A prayer service will be organized at Glenary’s on Sunday. There will be country music by Diwash Gahatraj and Raju Chhetri.

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