Our Self-Written Obituaries – Madhulika Ra Chauhan, Dalian, China

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Madhulika Ra Chauhan, Dalian, China

Plane Crash Kills All People on Board

The 137th death.

[Text by Madhulika Ra Chauhan; photo by Unknown]

Madhulika Ra Chauhan, the vivacious septuagenarian, was found lying dead comfortably in her cozy home and without the hint of a scandal. Perhaps her face, which bore a mysterious smile on her wrinkled face, was an easy give away to the peace she had had. Like a withered old leaf that detaches itself from the old tree knowingly, she too, it seems, floated off with equal ease.

The rose bushes in her garden were in full bloom and her favorite china rested in the kitchen, washed and dried to perfection. The only riot that seems to have broken the silence of a rather quite manor were the slightly loud whispers of the dainty orchids not having been caressed by their mistress since morning and the rather grumpy look given to the nosy bystanders by the heady hydrangea trying to be up-close to the blue beauty.

Little did they know that the mistress was to join them soon enough as she had willed her ashes to be used to plant the new apple tree whose fruits would perhaps take on the sweet-tangy taste from her smile.

She is survived by her 164 variety of flowering plants and two rooms full of well-dusted books.

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