Our Self-Written Obituaries – Kashiana Singh, Chicago

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Kashiana Singh, Chicago

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Kashiana Singh, Chicago

The 239th death.

[Text and photo sent by Kashiana Singh]

In leaving as in coming, Kashiana Singh left behind many monochromatic moments. She wrote down a few wishes, on checkered pages (she loved checkered notebooks)in pencilled cursive hand

Carpe Diem

If I could plant myself on my dada’s knee again

I would listen, rapt as he fed me almonds, but

I would feel his fingers, where the knuckles knotted stories

If I could borrow my nani’s lace dupatta again

I would remember to wear it like a pilgrimage

I would celebrate her indiscernible life, hued into its layers

If I could hold my brother close to my chest

I would hold gently, enfolding my arms around his neck

I would not let go, embracing ferociously till my breath became an extension of his

If I could place my daughter into the warmth of my womb

I would tell her to sink her pain into the innards of my being

I would drizzle into myself, into her bones every speckle of sunshine

If I could do nothing when my son pottered around the kitchen

I would let the dishes sit longer, and listen to his voice breaking

I would linger around and watch him becoming a composition

If I could bring a bouquet of time to my parents

I would choose the largest one in the universe

I would infuse the petals with an aroma of whispering thanks

If I could sleep each past night again on a pillow besides you

I would relearn the forms and shapes of your presence

I would arrange my head into your arms, unwilling to awake

If I could harness moments, collect sounds, collapse days

I would swallow them into my gurgling veins as

the waves wash my bodily offerings into an anticipating ocean

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