Our Self-Written Obituaries - Varun Dhingra, Delhi

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Varun Dhingra, Delhi

Our Self-Written Obituaries - Varun Dhingra, Delhi

The 258th death.

[By Varun Dhingra]

Varun Dhingra, the well-unknown center of his make-believe universe, passed away, in his favorite writer’s words, at the viable-diable age of 33, in his ramshackle room on the roof at his parents’ house in West Delhi. He died alone and semi-conscious, as he had lived, in the company of his many books and few possessions.

Notable among these was an antique wooden box containing a tola of hasheesh and a pouch of American Spirit tobacco, which had earned him the infamous (yet appropriate) moniker of “Charsi”.

The dusty, smoke-filled room was full of old travel photographs and older books, a few wall clocks none of which had worked for the last 1.5 decades (18 till I die being his chosen anthem) and a variety of notebooks, each inch of each scribbled with indecipherable garbage written in his looping, unsteady hand, that even he failed to make sense of after a gap of more than 10 minutes post writing.

He died of mysterious causes, bringing to an abrupt end, a life many would describe as an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle, a life few would remember if not for this very self-conscious, self-written obituary published on an eccentric journalist’s Instagram page.

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