Our Self-Written Obituaries - Suroshri Paul, Barrackpore

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Suroshri Paul, Barrackpore

Our Self-Written Obituaries - Suroshri Paul, Barrackpore

The 259th death.

[By Suroshri Paul]

Suroshri Paul, a student and a growing nihilist, who was apparently believed to be an optimist, died on 27th January in a room of her own in Barrackpore. The cause is yet to be known.

Apart from studying literature and writing notes to her non-existent lover, she had very few interests. She loved reading and talking about Taslima Nasrin. She loved to sing; to hold hands with someone. She loved looking at the sky, day and night; and sitting by the riverside near her home. Is she missing all of it, now? Probably.

Her mother found nine long letters by her side that evening. Seven of them were written to her friends; the other two to her mother and brother; none to her father though.

The letter to her mother read, “I wanted to die before Dad. I’m happy, really. I don’t want to be remembered…”

And one of the letters to her friends said, “I see a friend in you that my child self used to see in everyone. Someone whom I can call in times of need and no-need. Someone whom I haven’t been calling for years, because life made me forgot that I had the right to call too, that I had the right to be heard too. My heart says you are the only “someone”. Yet you, out of everyone, choose to hang up on me. And the crumpled up conversations, left alone in my head speaks to me in satire,”You are a brave girl indeed… The ‘friend’ you saw in people, the delusion that you dreamt of being a truth, the fallacy that killed you in bits is returning in this ‘someone’…”
And so, I think I keep losing you. After all, I’m not a phoenix. Am I?”

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