Our Self-Written Obituaries - Muiz, Sukkur

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Muiz, Sukkur

Our Self-Written Obituaries - Muiz, Sukkur

The 274th death.

[By Muiz]

Here lies Muiz. Naked and impervious to the scorching sun. Muiz, 21, was found dead this Monday morning at his parents’ home. Cause of death–chronic delusions.

A half-cheerful soul, never sure of himself, lived simple. One slice of ambition with half a knob of banality spread on top–his favourite breakfast.

His funeral service was attended by one cat, two ravens and an equally empty shell of a man as he himself was. Perhaps it was a soliloquy from the grave they had been waiting for, an end to his Mythos.

He once told me that he was afraid, afraid that his life too would be engulfed by oblivion. Maybe that’s why he always acted bigger than himself. I say that it was life itself that killed Muiz or rather the lack of it. He could have been the best comedian if not for his awful timing.

Beside his deathbed lay a half-filled cup of chai and his desire to intrigue others. Cold and dead. I’m sure that he would be equally unimpressed by the afterlife if he could ever find one.

Somehow he had found courage in his last moments as if he knew they were his last. For the first time he didn’t care for what ifs.

He passed away peacefully. Leaving behind all his love, guilt, grief and regrets.

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