City Vox Popili - A Life in Pankaj’s Day, Delhi

City Vox Popili – A Life in Pankaj’s Day, Delhi

City Vox Popili - A Life in Pankaj’s Day, Delhi

As part of The Delhi Walla series asking citizens to “write down everything you did in one day.” Send yours in 400 words max to

[Photo by Mayank Austen Soofi]

[By Pankaj Gupta, a steel trader in Central Delhi.]

Like every morning, I woke up at 6am, but due to the intense craving for the warm blanket, I left the bed unwillingly only by 7am.

At 7.10am, my dear wife and I savoured the tea, which is always an eye-opener, while still sitting on our bed.

After that, the very first dialogue exchanged between us pertained to the breakfast. Since our daughter had to leave for the college, my homemaker’s first priority was to prepare breakfast for her. The daughter had fresh and delicious idlis for breakfast before leaving for the day. My wife makes perfect idlis.

The three of us usually choose different delicacies out of a vast list of suggested dishes for the breakfast. Due to our delayed decisions about choices of the food items, and the time taken for their preparations, our breakfast time ended at 1pm.

After that, I joined my wife for a feast of unadulterated Vitamin D by sitting beside her in abundant sunshine. The ample sunlight is available till 2pm in our verandah.

I left for my office at 2.10pm, without the tiffin (our late breakfast being the reason), but with a long list of groceries to bring back home.

My activities during the day included receiving business enquiries through phone and sending quotes to the prospective buyers through e-mails. Some of the time was also devoted in dispatching the material to the customers. Long conversations and negotiations with a few customers made the next three hours pass like minutes.

I returned home at 6.30pm, in time to join my wife for the evening tea. I also handed her all the grocery items she had asked me to get, and accepted her order to bring some vegetables from the nearby market for the next day’s meals.

At 7.30pm, we watched one of our favourite TV serials, which we followed with the news, before setting down for dinner at 9pm.

At 10pm, we put our phones to charge, and retired to the bed to replenish our energy.

The mobile phone of my dear daughter, which she uses endlessly for studies, conversing with friends, and for entertainment, is never forgotten to be plugged for charging, since its immense usage won’t let the battery last for the entire day, if not charged fully.