Delhi for Children – National Rail Museum

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National Railway Museum

A special Delhi guide for readers with children.

Don’t let malls, multiplexes, and video games be the only memories your child has of her childhood. The Delhi Walla has started a new series – Delhi for Children. It will recommend those special hangouts which the city has for its non-voting citizens. Take your children on these entertaining excursions and re-discover your childhood in the process.

National Rail Museum – Train to Trainistan

At an altitude of 206.70 meter, Museum Junction at the National Rail Museum is probably the safest train station in the city. No child-lifting gang operates here. Coaches don’t move; steam engines don’t hiss; signals don’t flicker; and tracks are padded with overgrown grass.

Kids can easily clamber aboard the c. 1910 steam locomotive at the entrance. Once inside, Fairy Queen – the world’s oldest working engine – is ideal for playing Hide & Seek. Peek inside the locked wagon of the Maharaja of Gaekwad. If not the children, their parents would certainly be impressed by the gold enameled ornate ceiling.

Don’t panic if kids are not in sight and you hear real trains whistling by. A busy railway track lay across the boundary.

Be prepared for some real travel too. The Joy Express, with its box wagons and baby benches, chugs around after every few minutes. It is a chuk-chuk journey through the entire museum. A steam engine ride is a special treat reserved for Sundays.

Don’t miss the museum gallery. A glass case here displays the skull of a wild elephant killed 113 years ago in a train collision. The train models are riveting. Push the button on a model steam engine to see fire glowing in the coal chamber. Another starts moving its axle with great sound and fury. It is understandable that kids would be unwilling to leave. But remember there is no train home.

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The Mystery of the Locked Wagon

National Railway Museum

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National Railway Museum

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National Railway Museum