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Rich Kids

Build-a-Bear Workshop for rich people’s children.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

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Buying a teddy bear is nothing novel. Building one certainly is. US-based Build-a-Bear Workshop recently opened its first Delhi outlet at Shopper’s Stop in Raja Garden. Here kids can customize a stuffed toy of their choice. That is you make your own bear – starting from choosing its size, colour and voice, to fattening it up and even dressing it in fancy clothes– all in 35 minutes.

Bread, not bear; Outside Raja Garden Mall

Unlucky Kids

The showroom, which has pug marks painted on the floor, has 30 kinds of animals including leopard, cheetah and puppy. The size ranges from 14″ to 16″ and the price fluctuates from Rs. 395 to Rs. 1195. The 16″ Snow Leopard is the priciest. There is a special selection for very small children (upto 3 years) where the cloth is velvety and no plastic is used anywhere (eyes are embroidered). Asthma-friendly bears (Rs. 895) are a thoughtful addition. They have no furs to catch the dust.

This or that?

Lucky Kids

Once you have made your picking, the shop assistant (sorry, I mean the Bear Builder) helps bring your pet to life by stuffing, stitching and fluffing the chosen one. A special sound machine gives you the godly power of deciding your baby’s voice. Dog, cow or monkey (Rs. 99)? You can also give your own voice. The next step – stuffing – is painful when the back of the poor bear is rammed into a metallic nuzzle that quickly fills in 100 gm cotton. But all is made up as you tuck in a small satin-made heart before a short-duration stitching surgery heals the wound (chhho cute!).

Please, give us something

Poor Kids

Now, the dress. Frock (Rs. 495) or bridal frock (Rs. 795)? Shoes (Rs. 295) or sandals (Rs. 250)? Goggles (Rs. 195) or baseball cap (Rs. 195)? All this grooming, of course, is optional. You may as well carry your bear in its birthday dress. However before leaving, don’t forget to get its computerized janam-patri.

May you both live happily ever after.

Where Shoppers Stop, Eros Mall, Raja Garden Ph 32438692

Where’s your teddy?

Small People Working