Photo Essay – Chicks of Delhi

Photo Essay - Chicks of Delhi

Your guide to Delhi’s eye candy.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

AUTHOR’s NOTE IN 2021: Really horrible piece I wrote all that time back. Sorry!

After exhausting most of the tombs, dargahs, forts, masjids, cafes, bazaars and bookshops, The Delhi Walla has finally compiled a guidebook of what this city is perhaps most admired for: its women. Here is the list of hangouts in the capital where voyeurs can cool off their eager eyes.

Priya Cinema, Basant Lok

The scene outside Priya cinema’s box office window at Basant Lok never fails to disappoint. Deep cleavages and low jeans makes this pedestrian strip one of Delhi’s most erotically-charged destinations. The air is scented with perfume, cafes are packed with punk-haired kids, and college-goers and day-job yuppies walk hand in hand. Even bookshops are not safe from the invasion of the hotties.

Risk factor: Minimal since the Priya crowd, like ramp walk models, loves to set hearts racing.

Khan Market

Pricey showrooms, trendy restro-bars, and earthy kebab-stalls at Khan Market are the natural home of the beautiful in all hues and varieties—young and old, rich and powerful, desi and expats. Everyone is cool but they’re not loud about their cool quotient. They may be botoxed but they never wear fake brands. However, the cleavages here are not that deep.

Risk factor: Quite high but the daring may try.

Paharganj Main Bazaar

If you have a thing for goras, then Paharganj must be your getaway. Its rooftop cafes, roadside bookshops, and makeshift henna stalls shimmer and glimmer with bare arms and barer legs. Loads of Israeli and European tourists lounge about – almost naked!

Risk factor: Not high but the gaze must be shifty so that it escapes notice.

M Block Market, GK-II

Size Zero may be the latest fashion statement but Delhi’s attachment to hot aunties with heaving buxoms and salty maturity is always in vogue. Take a trip to M-Block Market and enjoy.

Risk factor: Not high. Aunties like it.

Near Jama Masjid, Old Delhi

If Paharganj tempts by bare flesh, Matia Mahal in Old Delhi allures the senses with delicious mysteries—just what lies beneath those ghunghats and purdahs? Beauty acquires a new meaning. Too bad men wear no veil.

Risk factor: Don’t ask.

Statutory warning: Bird watching can be injurious to health.