Real Estate Classified – Flat Wanted in Nizamuddin or Jangpura

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A Flat of Their Own

Air conditioners a must to survive Delhi summer.

[Text by Satya Prateek; picture by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Though I understand that The Delhi Walla is not used to queries of such type, much less expect them, his advice could be of great help. I’m an advanced year law student at NUJS, Kolkata and I shall be working at the Centre for Policy Research, Chanakyapuri, during the summer of 2009. However, I’m yet to find a decent accommodation at a place that may make my stay enjoyable for those months.

Around two years ago I had stayed in Jangpura for a couple of weeks and developed a partiality for that place and its people. This time around, I intend to find a place again in Jangpura or in Nizamuddin. Both neighbourhoods have an old-world charm to them. The mohallas are chilled out; they have a host of decent eateries that, incidentally, are also sympathetic towards a student’s budget. In fact, I cannot imagine similar accommodation in any other part of south Delhi as far as living expenses are concerned.

Here is what I want: a decent two-room flat with running water, clean washroom, air conditioner or cooler, TV and a minimal level of furnishing.

I will be staying with three or four of my friends (maximum) and don’t want to be cramped for space for the two months I will be there. Besides, I’m sure that the experience of staying in Jangpura or Nizamuddin would be worth it. Once there, I intend to roam around Nizamuddin Basti at night, attend the qawwali sessions at the dargah, eat kebabs and get a feel of Amir Khusro’s place.

But yes, the most important thing is that while I’m not expecting luxury, I do need an air conditioner. Else it will be impossible to survive the Delhi summer. By the way, is there a bus route linking Nizamuddin to Chanakyapuri, more specifically to Malcha Marg?