City Living – Hauz Khas Village, South Delhi

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Past and Present

A new morning at a new address.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

6.23am: Waking up in Hauz Khas Village, my new address. Looking out the window into the 13th century ruins. Ferozeshah’s tomb, the madrasa, the lake. Beyond – Deer Park. The trees laced with the morning mist. The rest of Delhi invisible.

6.45am: Sitting with EM Forster’s A Room With A View.

7.47am: The back terrace lit up with natural light. On the ledge, a bird’s nest (There’s an egg!).

8.15am: The village lane. A schoolboy on his bike. Boutique stores, still closed. Morning walkers. A peacock flying on to a car’s roof. Fruit sellers outside the village gate. A road looping ahead. On the left, the woods. Opposite, the sun rays splitting through the branches of trees. They are falling on a cyclist, an empty plastic bottle, a sweeper. Moments later: a traffic light, a ruin, a flower seller. Turning left. Green Park Main. Hauz Khas ends.

Note Hauz Khas Village is the outcome of a successful marriage between rural setting and urban chic, with ruins as backdrop. In this jumble of art galleries, restaurants, furniture stores, and private houses, you would find a few apartments that are available on lease. Architecturally unimaginative but livable, the monthly rent of a one-room flat may cost between Rs 7000 and Rs 9000.

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The window view

Window View

The terrace view

Breakfast Ideas

New hormones

Gen X


Bird Spotting

Breakfast ideas

Breakfast Ideas

On a clean start

Good Morning

Riding on to a happy day

Morning Ride

Message in a bottle?

Message in a Bottle?

Hauz Khas-Green Park border

Red Light

The flower-seller


The staircase window

A Window With a View