Delhi's Bandaged Heart - The Girl in the Bus, Munirika

Delhi’s Bandaged Heart – The Girl in the Bus, Munirika

Delhi’s Bandaged Moments – Prime Time Rape, Munirika

Poetry in the city.

This poem is by The Delhi Walla.

Which movie did she see on Sunday evening?

In Jantar Mantar.
To a fellow Delhiwalla,
‘Sir, are you for or against rape?’

Newspapers say she was returning home after watching a film in Select Citywalk,
She was with a friend.

Cutting across party lines,
Members of our Parliament sound self-righteous.

Did she have a cappuccino in the multiplex?
Popcorns or nachos?

Extraordinary outrage of our TV news anchors,
As if a metal rod was never before forced into a living body,
In Kashmir, Manipur, Gujarat and Chattisgarh.


Special campaigns launched by our newspapers,
To unite India against rape.
(Helps in the branding,
Makes a connection with the readership.)

A physiotherapy student,
Basically from UP.

Media reached in time at India Gate last night,
To cover the candle-light protest.

The newspapers call her a hero,
But she was just one of us.

Safdarjung Hospital.
Intestines, severely damaged,
Doctors say.
Next 48 hours are critical.

A TV channel ticker:
‘What’s the solution? Write to us, call us.’

Now, morning,
What is her mummy thinking?

Times of India on December 28:
Vital signs deteriorate with severe organ failure

About 10 pm, December 16,
A white bus (with tinted windows) stops at Munirika,
Close to where she is standing,
Waiting for a bus.

As part of the series Delhi’s Bandaged Moments, The Delhi Walla is searching for poets in the city. If you are one, please contact me at