City Moment – Woman Reading a New Novel, Lodhi Garden

City Moment – Woman Reading a New Novel, Lodhi Garden

The remarkable Delhi instant.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

One evening The Delhi Walla came across a woman in Lodhi Garden. She was sitting alone on a green bench. The setting sun was casting an orange glow on parts of her. The sun’s gold-colored rays had also dismembered the solid-seeming bodies of the surrounding trees. But the woman’s eyes were glued to her iPad. She seemed far outside our world.

“You seem oblivious to the beauty in front of you,” I said.

The woman lifted her head. She looked around — beer-bellied joggers were running past the bench. She smiled and said something on these lines: “No… I’m here because (she emphasized on ‘because’) it is so beautiful… I’m reading Amit Chaudhuri’s new novel. Delhi has so few public places where one can sit down with a book…”

The woman then returned to her iPad. It was a beautiful moment.

Another world becomes possible