Our Self-Written Obituaries – Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri, Sector 23 Dwarka

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri, Sector 23 Dwarka

The ninth death.

[Text by Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri; photo by Tanushree Ghosh]

We are thankful that she at least died doing what she loved, eating her favourite food at home while watching a Bollywood award function on TV.

As Salman Khan came on stage and tried to pretend like he had some talent which did not involve him baring his chiseled, enough-already, torso, Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri snorted way too hard on her fish curry and rice and choked on a bone. She is at peace now.

Her ghost will wander the Earth and live in her office’s pantry (because that’s where the tea was). So if the machine starts refilling at an inconvenient moment, know that she is right there fuming with you (she truly hated that machine!).

Ms Chaudhuri is survived by a great family and retarded friends, who, she hopes, will bake her ashes into a decadent chocolate cake and proceed to get high by overdosing on it.

If you miss her, eat something, she will like that.

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