Our Self-Written Obituaries – Precious Kamei, Tuscany Perhaps

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Precious Kamei, Tuscany Perhaps

The 24th death.

[Text by Precious Kamei; photo by Grace Kamei]

And she lay on the green grass and was happy.

Precious Kamei, born to travel, always had that thing about her that made people say, “Ah, so her!” She was a good daughter, sister and friend. She never shied away from speaking her mind, sometimes at the expense of sounding painfully forward. But that was her and she was and is loved for that.

Ms Kamei was notoriously unpredictable – she threw away plans at the last moment to do what she herself least expected. She would laugh and say, “What the hell, let’s see what’s going to happen now”. She lived for the little joys of life. Chasing fireflies was a passion. She liked receiving cherry blossoms from her brother, phone messages from her parents, hand-me-downs from her sister, and daily tips for her sinusitis from her dearest friend.

Ms Kamei left this world when she was happiest – she never woke up from that nap on the green grass. She had a daisy in her hand, a backpack by her side and she looked beautiful under that setting Tuscan sun.

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