Photo Essay - Delhi Feet, Around Town

Photo Essay – Delhi Feet, Around Town

Photo Essay - Delhi Feet, Around Town

The low life.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Hello feet. So, what do you plan to do today? Why not again go to Salim Bhai’s tea-stall in Kucha Chelan and have chai in one of his disgusting white plastic cups?

Will you pay respects to yet another dead rat on the road?

Are you still naughty, stopping beside dirty foreign magazines at the Sunday Book Bazaar in Daryaganj? In any case, I don’t want you to lose your flamboyant nature. Please show off your beautiful body again in some South Delhi party as you did a couple of nights ago? Or, at least bitchily compare your shoe-dress with that of your more glamorous rival?

By the way, aren’t you tired of lounging at Ajay Guest House in Paharganj?

I wonder if you have finally found a home or you still sleep beside your tired shoes at that night shelter for the homeless in Chandni Chowk. (Do you still have your afternoon siesta at that wildish garden outside Humayun’s Tomb?)

Come on, feet, be honest, do you still flaunt your Mexican tattoo in your wild Nizamuddin West roof-top bashes?

And have you grown out of Emily Dickinson? Are you still crazy about the Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, Second Edition?

No, I’m not telling anyone but I hope you have stopped contemplating suicide from your Gurgaon high-rise.

Between us, can I ask a delicate question please? Just how it is like to be infested with maggots, and then beg in Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti?

And dear feet, will you again step over somebody’s abandoned Happy New Year card as you did early this year? Please don’t.

Look at the feet

1. (Ghaffar Manzil)

If You Poison Us Do We Not Die?

2. (GB Road)

Photo Essay - Delhi Feet, Around Town

3. (Nizamuddin East)

Keep Your Soul But Give me Your Feet

3a. (Mehrauli)

Body Parts

4. (Chandni Chowk)

Good Night, Feet

4a. Ajay Guest House, Paharganj

Wish It Were Mine

5. (Chankayapuri)

A Typical Third World Disparity

5a. (Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti)

Photo Essay - Delhi Feet, Around Town

5b. Deer Park

Photo Essay - Delhi Feet, Around Town

6. (Curzon Road)

Each Unit of Rhythm is Called a Foot of Poetry

7. (Gurgaon)


8. (Daryaganj)

Foot Fetish

9. (Chirag Dehli)


10. (Barakhamba)

Photo Essay - Delhi Feet, Around Town

10a. (Outside Humayun’s Tomb)


11. (Kucha Chelan)

Painter's Chai

11a. (Nizamuddin West)

Symbol from Mexico

12. (Blue Line, Delhi Metro)

The Unwalked Feet of the Tired Commuters

13. (Daryaganj)

The Smart Cheap Way to Avoid Sore Feet in Your World Trip

14. (Sujan Singh Park)

City Landmark – Chiki Sarkar’s New Publishing House, Near Kamal Nursery

15. (Outside Hazrat Turkman Shah’s Sufi Shrine)

Abandoned Greeting