Photo Essay - Blueline Buses, Around Town

Photo Essay – Blueline Buses, Around Town

No Commuters

They will be removed.

[Text and pictures by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Till the 80s, the only city buses to rule Delhi’s roads were run by Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). In 1992, the bus service was privatised and Redline buses were introduced. After these private buses ran over many pedestrians, they were painted blue. But they turned out to be deadlier – Bluelines killed 1,072 people in the last decade, with year 2005 being the worst with 175 deaths. The buses became infamous for rash driving, and for never actually really stopping at bus stops.

In November 2007, Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit flagged off the first 12 green low-floor CNG buses on Rajpath. She also took a round in the new red-coloured air-conditioned bus.

Today, Delhi has 4,000 low floor buses and 2,400 Bluelines. The Bluelines were removed temporarily during the Commonwealth Games. At present, only 800 are on the road. They will be phased out by December 14, 2010, according to transport minister Arvinder Singh Lovely. Around 8,000 people earn their livelihood from Bluelines.

Going soon

Good Evening

We won’t miss you

The Bus Commuter

The world as seen from a Blueline

Blueline Blues

No window

Where's the Window?

No seat for the mother

No Seat for the Mother

Talking to girl friend?

Blueline Blues

Where’s the crowd?

Big City Loneliness

Shh, Mummy is sleeping

Shh, Mummy is Sleeping

Blueline view

Hello Mister

Blueline spotting

Cow Maa

Blueline adventurers

Free Pass

Blueline muggles


Blueline portrait

The Delhi Walla

Blueline rarely stops

The Muggles



Death by Blueline

Blue Line Death

Happy journey

Bus Muggles

Bye bye, Blueline

Where To?

No tears for you, Blueline

Take a Seat

Don’t come again

City Blur