The Delhi Walla Books – The Guardian on the Boxed Set

The Delhi Walla Books – The Guardian on the Boxed Set

The Delhi Walla Spotting

Among the world’s best quirky guidebooks.

[By Mayank Austen Soofi]

The UK-based The Guardian daily calls The Delhi Walla books as one of “the best quirky guidebooks from around the world.”

Writing in the newspaper, London-based literary walker Henry Eliot says:

The Delhi Walla is Delhi’s most idiosyncratic and eccentric website,” writes author William Dalrymple. The man behind the sprawling blog is Mayank Austen Soofi… who has produced these four Delhi Walla books covering the best monuments, food, hangouts and people in the city. These beautifully designed paeans to the city delve into places most international travel guides don’t reach, from the Agrasen ki Baoli step well, a stunning ancient water source at the heart of a busy financial district, to the best place for chicken momos and a strawberry lassi. Soofi has spent a lifetime exploring Delhi’s winding gallis and secret bastis, and his deep knowledge lends an intimacy to his poetic descriptions and grainy photographs.

Published in August 2013, The Guardian’s complete list is:

1. The Best Places To Kiss In Paris
2. Venice: Botteghe
3. Hidden New York
4. The Casual Cyclist’s Guide to Melbourne
5. The Delhi Walla Boxed Set
6. Copenhagen from Noma + Momondo
7. Weird Chicago
8. Prague: Artěl Style

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