Our Self-Written Obituaries – Manpreet Kaur Soni, Maitreyi College

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Manpreet Kaur Soni, Maitreyi College

The second death.

[Text by Manpreet Kaur Soni; photo by Davinder S. Soni]

Manpreet Kaur Soni, a student of English Literature at Delhi University’s Maitreyi College, passed away on the early morning of February 3. She was 18.

Her day started off just like any other morning. Ms Soni got off from her bus and was walking towards her college when she fell on the footpath and suffered a fatal cardiac arrest. Her close friends believe that her habit of keeping her feelings to herself was the real reason behind her sudden death.

Ms Soni lived in West Delhi. Her parents say that she never wanted to be a part of the rat race and wished to carve out her own way in life. This was something, her parents add, that was not appreciated by the society.

The young woman’s absence will be felt most strongly by her autistic brother to whom she was a guardian angel.

Ms Soni was a pretty lass. Her dream was to become a writer. She would often be seen sitting in the quiet corners of her college campus reading a book. Apart from Riya Kakkar — her “soul sister” who says “I’ve not lost a friend, I have lost an organ of my body” — nature was her best friend.

“Manpreet wanted to contribute something to the society and to be remembered for making a difference to people’s lives,” says her mentor, Akansha Tyagi.

Ms Soni’s mobile phone shows a long list of books that she had marked to read in the coming months. Today Delhi has lost a budding artist.

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