City List - Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries

City List – Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries

City List - Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries

Best loved dishes.

[Text and photos by Mayank Austen Soofi]

Yet another geriatric giant shut shop in the well-set Khan Market. The Chonas restaurant on the Front Lane closed early this year. It had begun as an ice-cream parlour when the market was set up in 1951; and reinvented itself as a formal dining area in the 1980s. Since then it was popular for its Chinese sizzlers.

But don’t cry for those greasy snacks. Something exciting has come up where Chonas used to be—a Royal Enfield showroom. Alas, you can’t eat bikes. But there’s still good news for your sweet tooth. The Big Chill chain of restaurants—God bless them for their unearthly banoffee pie—recently opened their first bakery—in Khan Market.

Wait, there’s more news than you can digest. The year has merely crossed the half-mark and the chock-a-block Khan Market has already seen a restaurant opening; plus another one is coming up in place of Pure Punjab, which had opened only last year (and has already shut down, thankfully!). Last year, in fact, seven eating lounges came up in Khan Market, and one charmingly rundown and (comparatively inexpensive) Chinese eatery on the Front Lane too sexed up itself with some serious furniture renovation.

One recent white-hot afternoon, The Delhi Walla went to each eating space in this posh market—from the most plebian to the most exclusive—to find out that one dish that each of those places sells the most. To be sure, the survey will help you in making a people-friendly choice from the Khan Market menus. It will also show you a scope of its dining trends in terms of variety and economics, and since I have mentioned the year of opening of each eatery, you will also get a hint about their heritage status.

1. Amici
Since 2007. Best-selling item, Farmer’s Favorite Veggie Pizza (black olives, onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, capsicum, sweet corn), Rs450 plus taxes.

2. Au Bon Pain
Since 2014. Best-selling item, Smoked Salmon Wasabi Special Sandwich, Rs449 plus taxes.

3. Azam’s Mughlai barbeque
Since 2005. Best selling-item, Kakori Kebab, Rs170 plus taxes.

4. Barcelos
Since 28 February, 2015. Best-selling item, Chicken Espetada (a hanging dish skewed with chicken breasts, onions and peppers with two regular sides), Rs425 plus taxes.

5. Big Chill Bakery
Since 28 February, 2015. Best-selling item, Raspberry and Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies, Rs250 plus taxes.

6. Big Chill
Two outlets, since 2003. Best-selling item, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Rs230 plus taxes.

7. Blue Door Café
Since 2013. Best-selling item, Texas Burger (melted cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, burnt garlic mixed with tenderloin burger accompanied with caramalised onion, BBQ sauce, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato), Rs575 plus taxes.

8. Boombox Café
Since 2012. Best-selling item, Grilled Fish Lemon Butter Sauce (served with hosue mash and grilled vegetables), Rs455 plus taxes.

9. Café Out of the Box
Since 2011. Best-selling item, Soya Pav, Rs285 plus taxes.

10. Café Turtle
Since 2000. Best-selling item, Lazy Lunch Pasta (spinach, mushroom, tomato and macaroni topped with sauce and cheese), Rs375 plus taxes.

11. CCD Lounge
Since 2008. Best-selling item, Salt ‘n’ Pepper Corn Crispies, Rs139 plus taxes.

12. China Fare
Since 1989. Best-selling item, Chilli Chicken, Rs425 plus taxes.

13. Choko La
Since 2007. Best selling item, choko la signature hot chocolate, Rs 200 plus taxes.

14. Khan Chacha
Since 1972, formerly a stall, set up a seating area in 2010. Best-selling item, Chicken Tikka Roll, Rs180 plus taxes.

15. L’Opera
Since 2011. Best-selling item, Mille Feuille, Rs205 plus taxes.

16. La Bodega
Since 2014. Best-selling item, Camaron Salteado (shrimp with salsa Mexicana and chipotle mayonnaise), Rs375 plus taxes.

17. La Vie
Since 2014. Greek God’s Pizza (spinach, bell pepper, olives, capers and feta), Rs600 plus taxes.

18. Latitude
Since 2010. Best-selling item, Mixed Greens with Warm French Goat Cheese, Drizzled with Balsamic Glaze and Sun-dried Tomato, Rs440 plus taxes.

19. Mama Goto
Since 2010. Best-selling item, Chian Mai Train Station Noodles veg/chicken/shrimp, Rs459/499/549 plus taxes.

20. Market Café
Since 2006. Best-selling item, Café Special Khao Suey Veggie (with ginger, coconut milk, browned onions, burnt garlic, peanut and rice/noodles), Rs415 plus taxes.

21. Route 04
Since 2008. Best-selling item, Quattro Polo Pizza (with chicken ham, roast chicken, chicken sausage and chicken stew), Rs550 plus taxes.

22. Side Wok
Two outlets; since 2007. Best-selling item, Kung Pao Chicken (diced chicken in spicy soy with peanut and cashewnut), Rs395 plus taxes.

23. Smoke House Deli
Since 2012. Best-selling item, Ras el Hanout Rubbed Grilled Chicken, Rs550 plus taxes.

24. SodaBottleOpenerWala
Since 2014. Best-selling item, Chicken Berry Pulao (chicken cooked with fragrant rice topped with fried onion, nuts and berries), Rs495 plus taxes.

25. Soy
Since 2012. Best-selling item, Chicken in Holy Basil and Chilli, Rs365 plus taxes.

26. Subway
Since 2001. Best-selling item, Roasted Chicken Sandwich, Rs135 plus taxes.

27. The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf
Since 2014. Best-selling item, Mocha Ice-blended (regular), Rs205 plus taxes.

28. Town Hall
Since 2014. Best-selling item, Spicy Hamachi (fresh yellowtail, scallion, wasabi, tobikko with spicy sauce), Rs845 plus taxes.

29. Urban Café
Since 2008. Best selling item, chilli chicken, Rs 550 plus taxes

30. Wok in the Clouds
Since 2014. Best-selling item, Double Spicy Fish, Rs450 plus taxes.

Eating out at Latitude, Khan Market


City List - Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries


City List - Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries


City List - Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries


City List - Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries


City List - Best Selling Dishes, Latitude & Other Khan Market Eateries