Our Self-Written Obituaries – Oredola Ibrahim, Ibadan, Nigeria

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Oredola Ibrahim, Ibadan, Nigeria

Our Self-Written Obituaries – Oredola Ibrahim, Ibadan, Nigeria

The 131st death.

[Text by Oredola Ibrahim; photo by Adegbaju Deborah Kevwe]

Today marks exactly the 65th day after his 23rd birthday. Though he never made it to Forbes’ Lists or any of the “Most-Something” lists that lorded over the era he featured, yet, he had several castles built in Spain and many ones flying in the air where he enjoyed life while relishing its endless reveries.

He had a simple philosophy of life as “an ocean of double currents” where the thrills of victory and the anguishes of defeat must peacefully co-habit. He lived life as a warrior would in the dangerous forests of ancient Sparta. He hustled life on his Acer laptop keyboard and scavenged the internet for his daily bread. Like a madman holds his loads, he held the souls that surrounded him.

He gave up the ghost four days after he had a minor surgery when friends and family were already happy he fought it through. Many thought he died but unknown to them, he had discovered the secret to immortality in his poetry lines. He left the world with nothing because he never disclosed the will he had spent 23 years trying to show the world.

He wanted to hold many titles that even the crab would dose off while listening to his citation but today, as death would have it, has conferred him with the greatest of all titles – RIP – in exactly two years after his father passed away.

He is survived by a young mother, two siblings, other relatives, acquaintances, friends, girlfriends and a lady who recently captured his heart. Oredola Ibrahim looks forward to an eternal life of service as a silent administrator to many WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

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